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Circular by SEBI Participation of Mutual Funds in Commodity Derivatives Market in India 22 May 2019 -
Circular by NSE Revised Mechanism for acquisition of shares through Stock Exchange pursuant to Tender-Offers under Takeovers, Buy Back and Delisting. 13 May 2019
Circular by SEBI Clarification on transfer of securities held in physical mode 08 Apr 2019
Circular by NSE Prevention of Self-Trade 19 Mar 2019
Circular by NSE Guidance note on Abnormal / Non-Genuine trades 19 Mar 2019
Circular by NSE Direct Pay-out of units to client account for MFSS subscription orders  19 Mar 2019
Circular by NSDL Amendment to Business Rules 19 Mar 2019
Circular by CDSL & SEBI Minor correction in name of the Beneficial Owner and SEBI Circular for change in name in BO Account 19 Mar 2019
Circular by NSE Mandatory fields in Unique Client Code (UCC) information provided to exchange 19 Mar 2019
Circular by NSE Collection of Net Option Value for In/Out of the money options in cash 19 Mar 2019