Equity and Equity Derivatives

Ideal for investors and traders, we offer Equity and Equity Derivatives trading as well as research based services to our clients.

While in Equities we generate long term investment worthy ideas as well as informed near term trading opportunities, with Derivatives we assist our clients in analyzing short-term and long-term market to identify effective strategies for trading & hedging.

Our research team assists clients in achieving their investment and trading objectives through rational and disciplined approach. We look at the bigger picture and the finer details, enabling us to provide insightful research timely both in terms of fundamental and technical research, thus making a compelling difference to our client’s portfolio.

Backed by swift execution platforms, state-of-the-art risk management systems and highly experienced dealers we have the prowess to provide the impetus to our clients to carry out their chosen strategies and make the most of the market opportunities.

Our Product offerings can be broadly divided into Long term Investment Products, Positional Products and Short term Tactical Products. These products are well structured, have pre-defined entry/ exits and a structured risk-reward profile.

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Currency Derivatives

Currency/Foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world. The highest amount of trading both by volume and value takes place in the currency markets. Unlike equity markets, a unique feature of the currency markets is that it is a 24 hour market. This is because business hours in various financial centers around the world overlap which makes it possible to trade currencies at virtually any time. This makes the currency market most liquid financial market in the world.

The highest possible leverage, maximum potential of earning and round the clock trading hours has made currency trading a popular investment avenue. While both exchange-traded and Over the counter (OTC) derivative contracts offer many benefits, the key difference is that exchange traded derivatives are standardized, more transparent, the counterparty risk is borne by a centralized corporation with stringent margining systems while OTC contracts are customized, opaque in pricing, risk management is decentralized and individual institutions/ client take counterparty risk of each other.

The exchange traded market can offer hedging solution to even small size requirements whereas in OTC market, hedging a very small size requirement may not be possible or the transaction cost may be prohibitive.

We understand that mitigating foreign exchange risk in a dynamic and volatile global environment is of paramount importance owners of businesses involved in export and import of goods/services overseas; or even foreign investments. Thus with the currency derivative platform we assist our clients to hedge such risks by locking the future currency rates. Even traders can explore this platform to the most of the vibrancy of currency markets by taking positions that are favorable backed by research and analysis.

With a scientific approach to traditional currency analysis, our specialized experts focus on macro-economic and technical research to enable our clients to take informed investment decisions. We provide a seamless platform for trading in currency derivatives across exchanges of NSE and BSE offering trading in USDINR, EURINR, GBPINR and JPYINR.

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Deep Dive into the Live Currency Markets

Commodity Derivatives

Commodities are ideal for asset allocation purposes as it improves overall return of a portfolio. It also helps hedge against inflation and buy a piece of global demand growth. Commodity Derivatives futures contracts are contracts to buy/sell specific quality/quantity of a particular commodity at a future date.

Our commodities trading business serviced through JM Financial Commtrade Limited is meant for clients who seek an excellent execution platform to trade in bullions, base metals, crude and other soft commodities on SEBI recognized national level Commodities exchanges. The commodities presently covered by us are gold, silver, crude oil, copper, nickel, zinc, lead and natural gas.

As it with Equity and Currency markets, even the Commodity segment is profoundly influenced by a constant string of global events. Our team of experts constantly assesses the global macroeconomic causal factors and attempt to create opportunities for the benefit of our clients. We provide a seamless execution platform where trading decisions are backed by sound research in commodities. We release thematic research reports for positional traders as well as a daily technical perspective for day traders.

For our wealth clients, we enable our clients to preserve wealth through commodity price risk management techniques, otherwise called hedging. Hedging isolates the impact of commodity price volatility on your enterprise and thereby helps clients in reducing exposure to market surprises.

It allows controlling costs, over which company has no control and cannot influence. It enables investors to focus on core business activities by locking in the appropriate conversion spread in the manufacturing cycle.

Futures’ market allows reducing price risk at a nominal cost. There are varied hedging ideas from selective hedging, opportunistic hedging to inventory/exposure hedging.

We also help with surrogate hedging techniques where the input/raw material is not traded on the exchange platforms, but exhibit a correlation with another commodity, which indeed is traded.

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Stock Lending & Borrowing Scheme (SLBS)

We offer the Stock Lending & Borrowing Scheme to clients who wish to lend or borrow stocks on a temporary basis. It is facilitated through an anonymous trading platform of the Exchanges with the mitigation of risk by the clearing corporations.

SLBS is available on all derivative and eligible Non-F&O securities as approved by the exchange(s) from time to time. National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd. (NSCCL), a SEBI Approved Intermediary for SLB Transaction, acts as a Central Counterparty providing financial settlement guarantee for SLB transaction.

For a borrowing client it helps them fulfill their varied needs of trading, financing or settlement of obligation. For the lending clients they stand to earn a fee thus enhancing their returns especially on core/long term passive portfolios without affecting the status of their holdings.

The lending client continues to remain the beneficial owners of their shares and will be entitled to all the corporate benefits like dividends, bonuses and stock splits.


Exchange Traded Funds are essentially Index Funds that are listed and traded on exchanges like stocks. The ETFs trading value is based on the net asset value of the underlying stocks that it represents. Some investors may find it challenging to master the modalities of analyzing and picking stocks for their portfolio and hence it is an ideal avenue for both long term and short term investors.

It allows long-term investors to diversify their portfolio at one go at a low cost and insulate them from short-term trading activity. At the same times, it provides liquidity for investors with a shorter-term horizon as they can trade intra-day and can have quotes near NAV during the course of trading day. Thus ETFs enable our clients to build a well-diversified portfolio in an affordable manner as expense ratios are comparatively lower.

Using qualitative and quantitative assessment techniques, we assist our clients in picking and monitoring a viable portfolio strategy that meets their investments goals and risk tolerance. Presently Equity, Debt, Gold and International Indices ETF's are available.

Depository Services

Demat Account is an account that holds the investors securities such as shares, debentures, mutual fund, ETF’s etc. in a dematerialised or an electronic form. A buy transaction will result in a credit entry while a sell transaction leads to debit entry in a demat account.

Our depository services enable our clients a smoother and hassle-free trading experience. We are registered as Depository participant (DP) with National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) as well as with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL).

We extend all the advantages of holding the securities in electronic form. These include quick ownership of securities on settlement resulting in increased liquidity, speedy receipt of stock benefits arising out of splits and bonuses, easier pledging or hypothecation of shares, periodic status reports for both holding and transactions, easy receipts for public issue allotments or IPOs etc.

Additionally, with the centralized billing & accounting and statements offered by us, our clients find trading with us smoother and hassle free.