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The dynamic investments markets are always full of variabilities. Wouldn’t it be great to leverage the expertise and insights of skilled SEBI registered Research Analyst and Investment Advisors (“Investment Professionals”) to supercharge your investments with portfolios curated by them?

With an endeavour to bring efficient and productive investment experience to the clients, JM Financial Services is delighted to present - Investment Basket in association with WealthDesk, a platform that lets you invest in systematic, modern investment products called WealthBasket.

Investment Basket is a readymade basket for investment, put together by Investment Professionals based on their in-depth research and analysis. These baskets are monitored and maintained by Investment Professionals while investors have complete access and control to the various aspects of their portfolio. Each Investment Basket reflects an investment strategy or theme or an idea with underlying stocks or ETFs. It is weighted and customised following rigorous research and back testing process.

Why Invest


How to Invest

1. Login to your BlinkTrade account.
2. Click on ‘Investment Basket’.
3. Browse and select baskets as per goals and risk.
4. Carry out related formalities.
5. Complete investments and monitor performance.


toggle What are the key-benefits of investing in Investing Baskets?
toggle How do I begin investing in investment baskets?
In order to invest in Investment baskets, you need to have an active trading & demat account. Also, you need to have a clear ledger balance with broker to make the investment in underlying Equities/ETFs or other assets in the Investment Baskets.
toggle Do I need to create an account?
No, you don’t need to create a separate account to invest in Investment Baskets. You can simply login with your existing Broking credentials.
toggle What are the charges for investing in Investment Baskets?
Investment baskets offered by JM Financial in-house research team is free. You have to pay subscription fees for investment baskets offered by registered investment advisor. Subscription fees varies depending on which Investment Basket you are investing.
toggle Are there any exit loads for exiting the Investment Baskets?
There are no exit loads for exiting the Investment Baskets
toggle Can I buy Investment Baskets after-market hours?
No. Currently, you can’t buy Investment Baskets after-market hours.
toggle Do you get dividends on Investment Baskets?
Dividends in any of the underlying constituent stocks in the Investment Baskets will be credited directly to your bank account. Platform provides a way to track your dividend just like your realized and unrealized capital gains.
toggle Who manages Investment Baskets?
Investment Baskets are curated and managed by SEBI Registered Professionals with a lot of underlying research and back tested data and are benchmarked transparently.
toggle What is rebalancing of investment baskets?
Investment Baskets are reviewed at regular intervals by the SEBI licensed professional. During review, a particular stock/ETF might be bought / sold or its weight in the basket might be increased / decreased compared to previous levels.
toggle Is rebalancing of investment baskets automated?
No. Rebalancing notification is sent to the customer. Rebalancing is done only after taking customer’s approval.

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