Through our Family Office offering we endeavor to serve as a CFO of the investment, legacy and business needs of wealthy families. We present a unique platform to access innovative investment ideas and deals across the product spectrum of JM Financial Group.

The family office offering aims at a successful integration of investments for personal and business needs while maintaining complete confidentiality and privacy. Aided by in-depth research and analysis our wealth advisors present investment ideas facilitated not only through JM Financial Services but also from the product offerings of the JM Financial Group. Regular monitoring and review forms an integral part of the process through well-defined risk management tools which oversees the individual families risk return profiles.

Investment Philosophy

A. Transparency & Confidentiality
  • No conflict of interest as complete transparency is maintained regarding fees and charges including from third party products.
  • Wealth Manager’s interest is aligned with the client interest with focus on long term growth & preservation of client’s wealth.
B. Independent Unbiased Advisory
  • A specialized product team analyzes each product to ensure it meets the expectations of the client prior to recommendation.
C. Continuity and Team Approach
  • Clients are serviced by a team of senior & junior advisors along with product specialists.
  • Investment goals and needs are thoroughly documented to ensure there is no disruption in continuity services even if there is a change in the advisors.
D. Specialist Approach
  • Specialists from within the firm and across the JM Financial Group are engaged to ensure that our clients have the best minds working towards growing and preserving their assets, both on the personal and business front.
E. Risk Management
  • Employment of scientific tools to match individual families risk return profile.
  • Tactical asset allocation strategy to bring discipline and objectivity to investments and profit booking.

Steps to Our Investment Process

Unlike a pure investment advisory company, the scope of the Family Office is significantly more expansive. The goal is to not just maximize return but preserve the legacy of the family. There are various steps involved in order to achieve this objective.