Estate Planning

Estate planning should be started as soon as one has a measurable asset base. It is an ongoing process and as goals change, the estate plan should fall in line with the same. Lack of adequate estate planning can cause undue financial burdens to loved ones.

Through Estate Planning we assist our clients in planning for their estate so that they can effectively manage and preserve it during and after their lifetime. We aim to ensure that the benefits of the estate reach our clients’ intended beneficiaries in line with a seamless succession plan and orderly dispensation of the estate through well prescribed wills and trusts.

While drafting such plans the focus is often on protecting the interests of the family members and ensuring that their financial needs are administered to especially in the event of unfortunate exigencies of incapacity and untimely demise.

Minimization of succession procedures and adoption of efficient tax saving policies form the core strategy of such plans. Safeguarding from unwarranted financial obligations and duties is also taken into consideration. Every element of the Estate plan is incorporated to ensure that wealth is not lost or passed onto unintended beneficiaries.