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  • Wipro announced that it has partnered with ServiceNow to create Wipro CyberTransform - Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions, a solution that enables organisations to integrate their risk, compliance, and security postures more quickly and effectively.

    In the current climate, organizations are increasingly having to balance rapidly evolving risk and compliance landscapes with internal mandates to embrace digital transformation and growth. Achieving these multiple goals requires a dynamic and integrated approach to risk, compliance, and security.

    The Wipro CyberTransform - Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions helps address this by providing a scalable framework to integrate ServiceNow Risk and Security into existing functions for faster resolution and efficiency, while generating measurable and actionable insights for cybersecurity and compliance teams.

    This solution is designed to help enterprises quickly and effectively realize the value of ServiceNow by providing them with:

    - enhanced risk exposure control through continuous monitoring and real-time dashboards on high-risk areas, non-compliance areas, vendor status, and audit findings;

    - increased visibility with a single integrated risk and compliance management program;

    and - scalable security solutions to respond to specific cyber threats.

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