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  • UK gross domestic product fell 2.2 percent in Q1 following a nil growth in the fourth quarter of 2019, revised data published by the Office for National Statistics showed Tuesday. The latest drop was the joint largest contraction since the third quarter of 1979. On a yearly basis, GDP was down 1.7 percent in the first quarter, revised down from 1.6 percent estimated in May. The ONS said this release captures the first direct effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the government measures taken to reduce transmission of the virus. The services, production and construction sectors provided a negative contribution to growth. Services output fell by a record 2.3 percent, revised down by 0.4 percentage points. Production output fell by a revised 1.5 percent, driven primarily by a 1.1 percent drop in manufacturing. Output was down for the fourth straight quarter. There was a fall in construction output of 1.7 percent following a 1 percent decrease a quarter ago. On the expenditure-side, private consumption, government consumption and net trade provided a negative contribution to growth. Household consumption declined 2.9 percent, the largest decline since 1979 and government spending was down by revised 4.1 percent.

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