Mutual Funds Online


Through our Mutual Funds Online platform we assist our Independent Financial Distributors (IFDs) to reap the rewards of seamless online transactions while devoting their precious time in effective activities to grow and nurture their business.

With the convenience of less paperwork as well as saving on their time and efforts to avail of this service, IFDs simply have to register their client on the online system through a one-time common registration form along with the basic requisite documentation. Thereafter IFDs can initiate Mutual Fund transactions online through our platform in discussion with their clients. For every mutual fund transaction that is done, the client receives an email and SMS facilitated directly from the Stock Exchanges to confirm and complete the transaction.

Our electronically enabled platform facilitates our IFDs to place purchase/redemption/switch orders in mutual funds on behalf of their clients. At the same time, clients will continue to benefit from the expertise of our IFDs as they assist them with their financial planning goals.



To access the Mutual Fund online platform, IFDs registered with JM Financial Services can log into with their username and password.